Painting Classes for Children

Summer program 

September- June program 

No experience required! These canvas Acrylic painting workshops are designed for absolute beginners who want instant satisfying results! Fail-proofed and fully guided in every step in a relaxing environment. 
Includes all materials and aprons provided. Dress accordingly, acrylic paint may not wash off from fabric.

May 18


Express your individuality and creativity in your own pace

Sorry, this class is not available in Aurora yet

Availability depends on the week

Want to find a space to unleash your creativity? Have a photo/ painting in mind that you always wanted to paint? Come to the Express painting time slots and paint away! We provide space, acrylic paint, paint brushes, varies sizes of canvases and easels.  You may bring your own canvas and storage of artwork may be available depending on size. Although it's mainly uninstructed, but teachers are around and feel free to ask us for advice :)!

Want to develop more drawing and painting skills? Learn from the basic of sketching and painting variety of subjects such as still life, animals, human and landscape using charcoal, pencil, watercolour and ink!Includes all materials and aprons provided. Dress accordingly,  some paint may not wash off from fabric.

Introductory Oil painting class to teens and adults who have expressed deep interest in painting. Learn about the medium, use of different brushes and how to care for the oil painting tools. Painting subject is highly tailored to each student. Student must have basic sketching skills.

* Student will need to purchase their own oil painting supplies for about $200 from Curry's. Click here for the supplies list.

Includes standard size canvas 16" x 20" , palette,  thinner, oil painting washing tools and aprons provided. Students may store their art supplies in our storage room. Dress accordingly,  some paint may not wash off from fabric.



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